CBLS Roster

CBLS Officers

   Jeffrey B. Hayden
• Certified Criminal Law Specialist
Redwood City
  Glenn J. Plattner
• Certified Franchise and Distribution Law Specialist
Santa Monica

CBLS Advisor

Ricardo Goñi
• Public Member
West Sacramento

CBLS Members

Michael Berg
• Certified Criminal Law Specialist
San Diego
Janet M. Coulter
•  Judge
Long Beach
Louis J. Esbin
• Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist
Stevenson Ranch
Miles D. Friedman
• Certified Taxation Law Specialist
Laguna Niguel
Jeremy B. Kline
• Certified Family Law Specialist
Los Angeles
Mark A. Lester
Certified Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Specialist
John W. Munsill
• Certified Family Law Specialist
Gold River
Donald K. Sheppard
• Certified Immigration and Nationality  Law Specialist
San Diego
Aurelio Torre
• Certified Appellate Law Specialist
Santa Ana
Neil Thakur
• Public Member
Palo Alto
L. Robert Vermes
• Certified Workers' Compensation Law Specialist
Santa Ana


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